Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Wednesday - 20km recovery + strides

Out solo this morning for my weekly medium long run. Humid once again, although a very light drizzle made the conditions more enjoyable. Just ran the usual Shelly-Fairlight loop, then another lap to Shelly Beach. Finished with 4:38’s at 122 bpm, followed by some strides.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Tuesday - Mona fartlek

Not having much luck with the conditions over these past few days, typical for this time of year though. I guess as long as the effort is there, then all is well. And that’s the philosophy I’ve had to take this morning, after a somewhat slower than hoped for session. A very humid morning with a 20 km/hr southerly wind made for far from ‘world record’ conditions. I met Ian up at North Head for a 5:45am start. The advantage with starting early is that we get it over and done with quickly. The twenty minutes was just as hard as usual, finishing with 5.85 km holding 3:25’s. As mentioned earlier, the effort was absolutely there, averaging 166 bpm and maxing out at 177 bpm. So I’m putting it down to the humidity and the wind. We regrouped for a long cool-down via Shelly Beach for 17 km all up.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Monday - 15km recovery + strides

An absolutely stunning start to the week, the only downside is that it’s Monday. I met Sam at Manly LSC for an easy Shelly-Fairlight loop. I felt surprisingly good for a Monday, finishing with 4:26’s at 124 bpm, followed by some strides.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Sunday - 30 km

Extremely humid conditions made today much tougher than usual, not to mention yesterday’s hills in my legs. I was actually thankful for the northeasterly headwind for the first half as it kept me slightly cooler. Coming back was just hot and sticky. Got home in 2:00:21 holding 4:01’s at 150 bpm. So exactly the same intensity as the past two Sunday's, but obviously much tougher conditions. Happy with that, and happy to get another solid week of training under my belt.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Saturday - 10 x 400 m hills (quick jog recovery)

A record amount of attendees this morning for the most dreaded session of the fortnight, for which I was incredibly grateful for. Erika, Emma, Fiona, Tom, Jody and Sam all turned up at 6:30am warmed up and ready to go on what was a very humid morning. There is no escaping it, this session is simply a lesson in pain management - 30 minutes of unrelentless suffering. But just having the others around makes the world of difference, as you soon realise that you are not alone. Anyway, I just grinded through it, finishing slightly faster than the last two attempts in 31:15. I waited for encouraged the others as they finished before a very nice and easy jog back to Belgrave where we all met (minus Emma and Jody) for the ‘mafia eggs’ (which nobody ordered). So a very social morning in the end, much more so than I had anticipated. A great way to start the weekend.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Thursday - 16 km with middle 20’ at threshold

Well, that predicted storm never fronted. I was, however, presented with very light drizzle and quite a strong northerly wind. Up to North Head for my weekly threshold effort on a humid morning. The effort felt as good and strong as last week - I simply just got hammered at the third and fourth kilometer mark when running back towards the stone arch. Finished with 5.94 km holding 3:22’s at 170 bpm. Quite happy with that - slightly slower than last week, but to be expected with the difference in conditions. Held the same heart rate, so the effort was definitely there. Finished the remaining distance to get to the 16 km total.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Wednesday - 20km recovery + strides

Out for the weekly medium long run, feeling yesterday’s 1 km reps in my legs. Kept the pace really easy and relaxed as I ran along the Shelly-Fairlight loop before another visit to Shelly Beach for a third and final time. 4:37’s at 122 bpm. Finished with some strides.