Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Wednesday - 15km

I felt amazing today, first time I’ve felt this good in about a month! Not that I’ve been feeling bad, but today I just felt strong and almost invincible! The only thing I can think of that differed yesterday was that I woke up not long after I had fallen asleep and grabbed some more food as I was still slightly hungry. Out for the usual Shelly-Fairlight loop on what was a quite humid, overcast and busy morning along the beachfront. Didn’t see anyone I knew (which is rare), but did have some really weird guy try to race me early on - there is a way to do this that is in good humour, but this guy was just a weirdo. Glad to get rid of him. I think it’s time for a Garmin reset, as it is progressively under-reading more and more each day - by 18 seconds (90m) today. Nevertheless, I actually ran my fastest ever time this morning, crossing the official North Steyne finish line in 53:24 (3:34’s), beating my previous time by one second (which was miles ahead of my next fastest time). So I’ve now got two outliers. Although today’s run felt much easier than the previous record run, which is even better. Better still, I wasn’t going for a time either, especially by not putting down the hammer in the final 3-4km. I’m half tempted to reintroduce some speed work shortly, but nothing too serious. Probably strides and hill sprints, just to improve that top end speed while maintaining my current aerobic endurance base which is coming along perfectly. But in saying that, I have no planned races, so no rush.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Tuesday - 15km

Feeling slightly better this morning, although I didn’t realise this until I started running (could have easily kept sleeping for another few hours when the alarm went off). The North Head loop today, which I think I prefer despite being tougher and slower. My Garmin really lagged today, cutting me 80m (17 seconds) short, which is a new record (not a good record to have though). Quite a good morning for it, a moderate southeasterly meant the way up was harder - although as usual, you never really notice the tailwind when returning. Kept the pace strong, firm and consistent - didn’t kill my self in the process. Got back home in a swift 54:25 (3:38’s) [despite the Garmin saying 54:42 in 3:39’s]. The perfect pace - not too quick, but by no means too easy!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Monday - 15km

It took a lot more effort than usual to force myself out of bed and into a run this morning. But, as always, I’m very glad I did. I was feeling pretty exhausted, so I just told myself to simply get through it, not worrying in the slightest about the pace. Just the usual Shelly-Fairlight loop this morning, running into Macca a few times as I crossed Manly LSC. The Garmin was only slightly off this morning, adding only four seconds onto my time today. Didn’t feel fast at all, but surprisingly not horrible either. Ran into an ever increasing southeasterly wind throughout the run, which did a nice job of reducing the humidity but did not help the stopwatch. Even got a sprinkling of rain the 11km mark! Finished in a surprisingly quick-ish time of 54:28 (3:38’s). Definitely wasn’t expecting that considering that I felt like a zombie.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Sunday - 30km

A beautiful day out there for everything except probably running. By no means was it horrible for running, it was either running into a light to moderate headwind or humid. Already a warm 20 degrees after the clouds last night trapped all the warmth in, today was simply about getting out there and getting it done (as Sunday’s should always be). I think I lucked it the last two Sunday’s with great conditions, leading me into a false sense of security that I should now be able to average under 3:50’s for my long run. This is probably true, but not coming into summer. I even heard the cicadas for the first time today, which means Santa is not too far away. Just the usual lap of the lake solo this morning. I actually felt fine apart from my rant about the humidity. Kept it controlled at all times, which is the plan these days. Got back to Harris Farm in a slightly slower 1:55:29 (3:51’s). Got it done, which is the main thing.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Saturday - Manly to Spit & return

I actually felt half decent this morning for a Saturday! Went about my usual Manly to Spit and return. My Garmin actually behaved itself today, giving me an accurate reading of 20.08km. First time in a few weeks! Mostly overcast with a moderate breeze, but nothing too challenging. Got caught out ever so slightly on the return home at the high tide mark, having to traverse a few more rocks than usual. Other than that, nothing else of significance to report. People were very friendly today, always making room and even starting conversation here and there! Kept the pace firm but controlled at all times. Got home in 85:33 (4:16’s), only marginally slower than last week (thanks once again to the tide), so very happy with that. As I said last week, anytime under 86 is well and truly fast enough at this stage. I got a very light sprinkling only in the final kilometer, although I could see what looked like South Head getting a drenching on the way home. Time to eat some freshly baked granola once again!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Thursday - 15km

Im overdue for a slightly slower run, so today didn’t disappoint in that regard. The good news is was that the pace and intensity felt easier than yesterday (even though today was slower). The North Head loop this morning, with a strong northeasterly wind (wasn’t a fan on the return leg) which kept the heat away along the beachfront on an otherwise warm and humid morning outside of the wind. I got caught out on the way out by the Volley Fest organisers who decided to block off the promenade earlier than usual. I discovered this at the last minute, having to significantly detour this time, adding a small chunk of time to my overall run. I was prepared on the way home. Once again, my Garmin cut me short by about 50m (i.e. I had to run 50m past my usual finish line to get the 15km), finishing in 55:19 (3:41’s). To be honest, I’m just glad to get it done this morning, as I was feeling it a bit after yesterday’s quicker run. Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Wednesday - 15km

I slept like a log last night, not moving once! Got up and as soon as I started running, I was feeling terrible. So much so, I even contemplated stopping just before the 3km mark. But I thought better of it, knowing how miserable I would be for the rest of the day. So I simply just stuck it out. The pace felt slow, but I felt I was working much harder than I should have been. This is the worst feeling - working hard but going slow! Stuck to the usual Shelly-Fairlight loop this morning, and thankfully I did, as the very small number of inclines I felt! I ran into Justin multiple times throughout, looks like he was out there for a while as well, which is great to see. Just the single detour past the Volley Fest today. I was extremely surprised to get back to North Steyne in 53:56 (3:36’s), only the third time I’ve ever run a sub-54 (and the previous two times I was really aiming to do that). I honestly thought I’d be in the mid-56’s today! Looks like I’m a terrible judge of pace! The Garmin was once again up to its usual tricks, ripping me off by 8 seconds again today. Even Strava jumped on board with the Garmin yesterday, adding on even more time! They’re out to get me!