Thursday, 20 September 2018

Thursday - 16 km with middle 20’ at threshold

I waited as long as I could for the rain to clear, because it was going to according to the iPhone. After delaying my run by 25 minutes, I ventured out in the rain that still hasn’t cleared now. It wasn’t so bad once I was out in it. Up to North Head this morning for my favourite weekly session, dodging torrents of flowing water at specific points throughout each lap (the drainage is terrible up there). A moderate southeasterly didn’t cheer me up, but it did toughen me up. Similarly to last week, the 20 minute effort in the middle of the run was run at that ‘comfortably hard’ intensity, never going over that red line into the work of lactate (which is a strange sensation, especially in the final few minutes where I’m used to pushing every last bit out to finish exhausted). I managed to cover 5.73 km (3:29’s), so a solid improvement from last Thursday in much worse conditions. More importantly, the intensity was spot on once again. Finished the remainder of the run at a nice and comfortable pace for a solid end to the week.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Wednesday - 20km recovery + strides

Unlike yesterday, I got up early this morning to join the others. It was a big turnout today with Ben, Tom, Erika, Emma, Lauren, Justin and Sam. It certainly makes the otherwise boring and slow 20 km go a lot faster. We met at the pool, before doing the Shelly-Fairlight Loop, finishing off with a lap of the golf course with Ben to get the kilometres in. Finished off with some strides. Surprised that I’m not as tired as what I thought I was going to be considering I had just under five hours sleep last night. If I can just see it through until tomorrow, then all we be good and made up for with a sleep in on Friday.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Tuesday - 6 x 1 km (off 1’)

Another week, another rep. Out for some 1 km reps along the beachfront this morning, turning down earlier offers from Jamie (5 am start) and Ben & Emma (6 am start). The latter I would’ve normally joined, but given I’m going to see Mark Lanegan perform this evening (9:15 pm start), I wanted to maximise the amount of sleep beforehand. There was a bit of smoke in the air, and a slight to moderate northwesterly wind ensuring that the odd reps were tougher than the evens. I was very happy with the splits, 3:21, 3:16, 3:24, 3:16, 3:27, and 3:21 (that fifth one was tough). So all up, faster again than last week, plus an extra rep. Can’t complain with that. A nice long slow cool-down for just over 17 km all up.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Monday - 15km recovery + strides

Out for 3 laps along the beachfront on yet another stunning morning. Despite still feeling the aftershock of Saturday’s hills, I actually felt quite decent for a Monday morning. 4:48’s. Finished with some strides.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Sunday - 30km

A massive drop in temperature from yesterday, a solid westerly wind making it tough running conditions - especially upon return. I could definitely feel yesterday’s hills in my legs this morning, so expectations weren’t high for anything special (other than running 30 km). The heart rate monitor was frustrating for the first 10 km or so, so I just ignored it from there onwards (it turns out it was pretty reliable from then on). As mentioned earlier, turning around was brutal - essentially a headwind for the final 13 km. Got home in 2:06:41 holding 4:13’s, almost a minute and a half quicker than last week (not that it matters). Happy to get through my first proper week of speedwork, and looking forward to doing it all again with some further progressions planned.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Saturday - 5 x 3’ hills (jog recovery)

I was super stoked to have some company this morning with Erika (unfortunately Robbie pulled the pin because his wife’s water broke - what kind of excuse is that). We met at the bottom of Snake Hill (Collins Flat), with some debate as to whether we’d do 5 or 6 reps (with the former being the more sensible option). We both grinded through it, suffering and breathing loudly on the ups. I managed to keep it extremely consistent with 0.69, 0.69, 0.70, 0.69 and 0.69 km efforts. The jogs back down got progressively quicker, something I will keep an eye on next week (I don’t want these to get quicker). Five was more than enough, the arms burning (yes, the arms) after the third rep. A nice a casual cool-down via Little Manly to the beachfront for just over 17 km all up. Stunning weather right now, glad I’m not in North Carolina today!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Thursday - 16 km with middle 20’ at threshold

Back to my favourite session - it’s been a long while. I drove up to North Head and ran three-and-a-half laps (16 km), with the middle 20 minutes at threshold pace (around 85% HRmax). The heart rate monitor was once again a bit erratic, but slowly improved throughout the session. In the end, I really just ran on feel - keeping the threshold effort solid and controlled (something new for me, as in the past I would have tried to have raced it). Ended up with 5.7 km at 3:31’s for the 20 minutes (pretty much exactly where I thought I was at this point in time), at 162 bpm (not sure how accurate the latter is, but that feels about right). Happy with that, as I could have absolutely pushed harder and gone further if I needed to, but then that would defeat the point of the session. Straight into the remaining 5.3 km at a nice and cruisy pace. As I mentioned earlier, I love this session - you just get straight into it with no mucking around, and it’s over fairly quickly. Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow, I’ve run 117 km since Saturday!