Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Wednesday - 15km

I've got no idea where that came from this morning! Comparing yesterday to today was like chalk and cheese. I felt amazing this morning (well, not according to my HRV reading that I take each morning before getting out of bed, which said that I needed an easy day today). Wednesday means the flatter Shelly-Fairlight loop. Apart from dodging a few stray dogs who's owners were too busy in their own world, it was a pretty unadventurous run. But like I said, it felt amazing! I felt that I could push the pace (in terms of speed), but the perceived effort was absolutely fine. I wish it was this way everyday (although to be fair, I'm having these days more often than not over the past month, which makes me think that one or more of the major changes I have recently made was previously a culprit behind my 15 months of subpar performance and fatigue). The clock agreed with me, finishing the 15km in 54:42 (again, not that it is important, but a whole 27 seconds quicker than my previous fastest set two days ago), averaging 3:37's (again, I think this is slightly generous with the GPS overreading the distance by 100m - or alternatively, it is now correct and was previously underreading it)? Nevertheless, I felt great and really enjoyed it - which is what matter most.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Tuesday - 15km

Finally, the past three days of amazing runs have caught up with me. How I felt today was how I was supposed to feel yesterday - tired and somewhat sorry for myself. For some reason though, yesterday never happened (which is a good thing). Ran to North Head on this warm and windy morning. I didn't have the fre bouncing feeling that I have been experiencing lately, and felt that I was working harder than usual. The first 9km were tougher, then after this I felt as if I warmed up (probably helps that the final 6km is predominantly downhill). I kept the pace firm but controlled at all times, repeating the mantra to 'relax' and 'keep it controlled.' Got back in 55:56, holding 3:43's. So not a bad time at all considering how I was feeling. I've got to ensure that I keep enjoying it, which at this stage I definitely am. I also need to continue to resist the urge to try and better my time each run - that is only a recipe for disaster.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Monday - 15km

I wasn't expecting much today, having run faster than usual yesterday - and I could feel it. As usual, just went out and simply ran on feel, as I do these days. Surprisingly, I felt strong, so I just went with it. Ran my usual Shelly-Fairlight loop, seeing Darren out there early on. Was pleasantly surprised when I got to the end in 55:09, well and truly my fastest, holding 3:39's (although that is probably a very slight overestimate, as the GPS read slightly longer than 15km). Nevertheless, it felt great! Another stunning morning, which unfortunately was ruined when I got home and started watching last night's Singaporean Grand Prix. The less I say about it, the better!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Sunday - 30km

A solo long run around the lake this morning. I was kind of dreading this one, two hours is quite a long time by yourself! The plan was to run this at 4:10's, so much slower than my normal week runs - but slightly quicker than my last few Sunday runs. Felt okay - nothing special but nothing horrible either. Probably ran it slightly too fast, finishing in 1:59:59, holding 4:00's on the dot. Another beautiful morning out there - looking forward to having Scotty (who had another fantastic run this morning finishing second in The Bridge Run) & Barts to run with again next Sunday.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Saturday - Manly to Spit & return

Out for my normal Saturday morning trail run. I could have kept sleeping for hours this morning, which for some annoying reason is very typical the morning after having a rest day (why can't feel like that on my actual rest day)! If anything, it felt slower today than last week - either that or I was just working harder. Very compliant fellow walkers and runners on the trail this week - everyone giving way to each other and keeping to their left. Even had some 'good morning's' and 'hello's.' I was pleasantly surprised to get back home and see the watch stopped at 1:28:23, holding 4:22/23's. So 36 seconds quicker than last week (not that I am comparing)! Now time to enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Thursday - 15km

Thursday, the last run of the training week, is always a tough one. A big plus today was the return to a more bearable temperature, although I felt I was running into a headwind more often than not. Intensity-wise, I felt this was the easiest that I had run all week - every time it felt tough I simply backed off, not caring at all about my pace or time. North Head it was today, those hills never get easier! 15km in 55:51 (3:43's), and only 19 seconds slower than Tuesday's mammoth effort (and felt much easier). No swim today (massive mistake going in yesterday - it was an ice bath - which I think are totally overrated). Rest day tomorrow!!! And looking forward to it!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Wednesday - 15km

That was like running in a furnace this morning! Already 21 degrees, which isn't too bad in the middle of summer once we have all had some time to acclimatise, it was already twice the temperature that I've become accustomed to over the winter months. The heat is one thing, on the other hand was the north westerly wind. There was nowhere to hide. I actually considered to stay along the beachfront to minimise the hills and stay by the ocean. To my surprise, running to Fairlight was the better choice - despite the hills, it's in the shade the whole way. Back to the run, I kept my same standard intensity, backing off quite a few times due to the heat (I've pushed too hard in the heat before only to regret it later on). Still a fast-ish run in the end though, finishing the 15km in 55:45, holding 3:42's. In fact, that probably would have been my fastest run yet if it were not for the heat (not that I'm trying to race myself - I've got to prevent myself falling back to that dangerous mindset)! Now I'm debating whether or not to jump into the ocean?